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Cyber Resilience Analysis from InfoSystems Powered by Cynomi: How to Build a Secure IT Infrastructure and Move Your Business Forward  

Now more than ever, we’re in an age where cyber resilience and cyber security are top of mind for most businesses. Using the security technologies that make sense for your business, understanding compliance standards, and making sure processes are being thoroughly tested is the best way to prepare for attacks, mistakes, and other unfortunate situations that occur with business technology. 

Every business, no matter how small or large, needs to do two things – 1) know where their business currently stands as it relates to cyber security and 2) have a roadmap for where they want to go in the future. 

In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into InfoSystems’s Cyber Resilience Analysis powered by Cynomi. We will answer the question, “Why do you need a strong cyber security infrastructure and how can you get there? “ 

What is cyber resilience and why is it important? 

Cyber resilience, as defined by IBM, is the “ability to continue delivering intended outcomes despite experiencing challenging cyber events, such as cyberattacks, natural disasters or economic slumps. A measured level of information security proficiency and resilience affects how well an organization can continue business operations with little to no downtime, in other words.” 

Your cyber resilience strategy affects all areas of your business, not just security. With a strong cyber resilience strategy, you can reduce the risk of financial loss, gain customer or client trust, put yourself in front of the competition, and save yourself the headache and stress of data loss and downtime.  

In an ever-evolving landscape of technological threats, identifying potential vulnerabilities can save you time, money, and move your company forward.  

However, you can’t improve your cyber resilience strategy if you don’t know where you stand. That’s where an InfoSystems Cyber Resilience Analysis comes in. 

What is Cynomi? 

The Cynomi platform fuses proprietary AI algorithms, modeled after the world’s best CISOs, with the unique cyber profile of each organization and external resources. Cynomi delivers a full vCISO operations dashboard, including everything a vCISO needs to assess the posture and risk level of each client and mitigate the gaps.  

Cynomi offers guided questionnaires and express scans to help assess clients’ security posture, risk level and compliance readiness, as well as provide a remediation plan and task critically based on updates and changes in the client environment, industry standards, and threat landscape.  

InfoSystems partners with Cynomi in an effort to provide clients with a clear picture of their security vulnerabilities. If you don’t know what vulnerabilities your infrastructure has, you can’t fix them. If you don’t fix the issues, your business can’t grow. With InfoSystems’ Cyber Resilience Anlysis Powered by Cynomi, you get the problem and solution you need to succeed.  

Cyber Resilience Analysis Powered by Cynomi 

InfoSystems has developed a complete security practice to help businesses implement top security technologies, understand their risks and compliance requirements, maintain compliance standards and reporting, and test their processes and technologies to ensure they are as prepared as they can be for attacks and potential mistakes. 

Here is a story from InfoSystems CMO, Chris Bevil: 

“Prior to using Cynomi to help businesses improve their cyber resilience strategy, our team used a manual process where we asked clients a series of questions about their security, such as how often they were changing passwords, if their technology was up to date, etc. The process was as manual as you can imagine – lots of dialogue and conversations back and forth and lots of time was being taken up.

Now, with Cynomi, we can show clients how to utilize the tool to answer the same in-depth questions about their technology. They get a more in-depth overview of the tool and get questions that are better suited to their needs. Not only that, but it’s a third-party review, so when a client submits all their answers, they get a personalized scoreboard with their security health. InfoSystems can pull data based on AI learnings and write a report that is client-specific, providing a road map to their cyber and compliance strategy.

With several different options from very hands on to not hands on at all, clients can identify their vulnerabilities and areas to improve, using InfoSystems as a resource.

Cyber Resilience is for Everyone


Whether you’re a business of less than 10 people or you’re a business with over 500 people, the Cyber Resilience Analysis can be a great way to see where your business stands vs. where it needs to be in the future.  

Your business could have a mature security program or no security program at all; it doesn’t matter to InfoSystems. The only thing that matters is helping you achieve the outcomes you desire. Do you want to meet with a team on a regular basis for health checks? Have an accountability partner? Take advantage of the tool on your own? Whether you’re in the healthcare space, financial world, or you’re an organization who is simply trying to improve your security strategy, the Cyber Resilience Analysis is a fantastic way to get ahead of the competition and protect all areas of your business.  

InfoSystems Cyber Can Help You Protect Your Business Against Attacks, Mistakes, and Risks 

Most cybersecurity consultants will perform an assessment and leave you with a lengthy report to figure out on your own. Not InfoSystems Cyber. 

The most unique aspect of InfoSystems Cyber is that we are part of InfoSystems, Inc., a fully mature IT company with expertise in cloud, networks, storage systems, and all the end user technology and connectivity that powers today’s businesses. 

We don’t drop lengthy reports at your door and head for our next engagement. We lock elbows and create solutions that will address your issues. We believe all businesses deserve to have the best security delivered by a partner who cares. 

Schedule an intro call today to discuss how to protect your business.

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