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Data management, data protection, and data sharing are a few of the essential functions an enterprise’s storage system must facilitate. Having a centralized repository for this type of business information helps enterprises manage heavy workloads. Flexibility and accessibility to servers and storage, especially through a storage service provider, improve an enterprise’s ability to meet evolving business demands.

Server and storage options abound, but one thing is clear: the hyper digitization of essential business data means that enterprises require more space to store and access it. For clarification, servers store, secure, manage, and access data on a storage server. This enables access and transmission of data via a shared network or the internet. The two most common server types are local servers and cloud servers.

A local server is one that an enterprise usually owns. It is located on-premises and can store various amounts of data depending on its size and capabilities. Cloud servers are typically located in a remote environment. An enterprise rents the server space and accesses its data on the internet. While local and cloud servers each have advantages and disadvantages, they both can satisfy an enterprise’s storage needs if they are properly managed and have an appropriate amount of processing power, memory, and storage.

For enterprises utilizing a local server, InfoSystems provides on-site data center services suited to meet your business needs. This includes consulting, project services, and support. We can access your current environment, review your data storage needs, support project expansion, hardware refresh, or other IT projects. We can also provide a fully managed data storage environment as a service, so you get the benefits of a high-level storage system without having to manage it.

On the other hand, cloud storage is growing exponentially, and enterprises should be keen to recognize why. The first and most obvious is cost savings. If you use cloud storage, you can eliminate the cost of hardware and maintenance. There is also greater convenience. Since enterprises no longer need expensive hardware, available physical space increases and relieves employees from managing an on-site storage system. Cloud storage providers maintain, manage, and support the system, which frees up your IT team to focus on other tasks.

Cloud storage is typically housed in a data center. The data is backed up on multiple servers, so there is no risk of enduring a single point of failure. In the event of a server crash, data is safe because it is stored in multiple locations. All of this contributes to improved security and accessibility. What’s more, due to the increase in remote working environments, employees can access data regardless of their location, making it much easier to maintain business operations.

InfoSystems can help your organization determine the best storage solution based on your business needs. We can also deploy hybrid storage solutions that take advantage of high-performance, on-premise equipment and lower the cost of cloud archival solutions.

Does your company know what its server and storage needs are today and what they will be in the future as you grow? Whatever your server and storage needs may be, InfoSystems and our partners can guide you to make the right decisions now, without having to sacrifice capability and performance for price.

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