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About InfoSystems

We keep our word and deliver what we promise. Our partners and customers look to us as an extension of their team, and we aim to build long-lasting, supportive relationships.

Our Company

Since 1994, InfoSystems has provided reliable IT solutions to build and maintain strong and secure systems for both SMB and enterprise organizations. InfoSystems strives to lead the adoption of emerging, impactful technologies to create positive outcomes for both our clients and our community. Our solutions and managed services offerings are built on impartiality, honesty and, above all, trust. We keep our word and deliver what we promise. Our customers look to us as an extension of their team, and we aim to build long-lasting, supportive relationships.

Our Strength

We put excellence into action every day. InfoSystems’ strength lies within our team members, who collectively hold hundreds of professional and technical certifications in various disciplines, products and services. Our team understands today’s business challenges and how to deploy technology to solve them. We agnostically analyze, advise and design solutions, as well as deliver flawless implementation, smooth knowledge transfer and ongoing managed support. Our skills and experience, along with a personalized approach and an extensive partner portfolio, sets us apart from other IT solution providers.

Where We Excel


From capital markets and insurance providers to investment firms and local banks, InfoSystems helps improve the customer experience, manage risk and enable innovation.


Modern healthcare technology, from mobile devices to telehealth to patient data security, is essential to providing the best care possible. InfoSystems can help accomplish these goals.


Manufacturing organizations need immediate, collaborative access to data in order to remain efficient and productive. InfoSystems can optimize production efficiency, as well as ensure compliance.


Today’s consumers are adding additional complications by being increasingly connected and expecting instant reactions from the businesses they frequent. IT solutions from InfoSystems can help drive unique end-to-end customer experiences, higher revenues and greater loyalty.


There are numerous risks in every supply chain. Understanding where they exist and their predictability helps organizations mitigate the delays, costs and dangers that can result. InfoSystems can proactively assist in the secure modernization of your supply chain and logistics needs.


Transportation is a competitive, cost-driven market where operational effectiveness and optimizing working capital is the competitive advantage. With rising costs and increased competition, partnering with a IT provider familiar with the needs of the transportation industry is critical.

History of InfoSystems

An Idea On A Napkin

While InfoSystems continues to evolve our offerings to best meet the needs of our clients and changing technology landscape, the company’s culture and dedication to providing value remain unchanged since its founding in 1994.

What started as founder Clay Hales’ idea scratched on the back of a napkin has grown from a small operation of eight team members in 1994 to today’s diverse group of employees across the southeast. Our foundation of success — and ability to consistently deliver value and help clients exceed their goals — has helped InfoSystems grow into a mature business with more than 1,000 regional and national clients.