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Microsoft Office 365

Reach a higher level of productivity, efficiency, and sophistication with Office 365.

Office 365 Business and Enterprise Applications to Power Your Entire Organization

Businesses and Enterprises deserve the best apps to connect people and get things done. Microsoft Office 365 delivers powerful apps for planning, organizing, creating, storing, managing, and communicating. Microsoft Office 365 is available in a wide range of subscriptions to ensure each business has access to the exact tools they need.
InfoSystems can help ensure you get the most out of your Microsoft Office 365 investment.
Companies moving to Office 365 from another business productivity suite or from self-hosted email and productivity tools need expert support to ensure that files, data, and email histories are successfully migrated. The same expert support can help make sure each employee has the correct applications installed on all of their devices and that all employees can access applications seamlessly with single sign-on (SSO).

Expert Office 365 management services help to ease the burden of adding users, removing users, changing user permissions, adding or removing applications from devices, managing updates, deploying new apps, and many other common tasks that can overwhelm your internal employees. InfoSystems offers easy customer service to ensure these tasks are taken care of quickly and completed the right way so that your employees can focus on their work.

Migrating Microsoft Exchange on-premises to Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) helps companies to streamline their email licensing, management, and security. Migrating from Exchange on-premises to Microsoft 365 is not a simple process, but with expert support from InfoSystems it can be completed quickly and seamlessly. The InfoSystems team has helped hundreds of customers migrate their email and we have developed a proven process to ensure successful migrations.
Microsoft Office 365 licensing is complicated, with many variations and combinations of apps. InfoSystems has helped hundreds of customers with Microsoft licensing. We help our customers save time and money by choosing the right licensing and managing account setup, account configuration, and licensing changes quickly and easily.
Innovative enterprises rely on powerful flexibility and access in today’s dynamic digital world. If you’re looking to deploy business applications that empowers team, supercharge connectivity, save money, and improve your competitive advantage, contact InfoSystems to discuss Microsoft Office 365 today.

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