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Office 365 Migration

Migrate to Office 365. Give your employees the best communication and productivity tools.

Office 365 Migration Moves You to the Market’s #1 Platform for Business Productivity

At an enterprise level, email migration has a lot of moving parts, which is why many times, the experience can be turbulent. But when you have a partner that manages the process from start to finish and is clear on your needs, restrictions, and desired outcomes, the process can proceed confidently. InfoSystems provides more than just moving communications from point A to point B. We help define the process, ensure security, and guarantee the end result meets your business needs.
Enterprises that successfully migrate to a superior email system like Office 365 can expect to benefit from a centralized communications hub where email, calendars, video conferencing, tasks and other business documentation is stored and shared among team members. This hub removes communication bottlenecks, improves project sequences, and boosts overall productivity.

To help organizations take advantage of these benefits, InfoSystems offers a full scope of email migration services.

  • Assess: The first step is assessing your current email client, understanding your infrastructure, and determining the best path forward. Before moving data, we work with you to identify goals and timelines, account for variables and present the best options for achieving success.
  • Implement: The second step involves putting the email migration plan into place. Using your goals as our starting point, the InfoSystems team sets up, configures and deploys the required infrastructure before migrating data.
  • Migrate: The third step is when we begin to move data. The cutover only happens when we’ve piloted your data and confirmed its security and accessibility. Our team will test and test again, as well as identify variables and other potential issues and remedy any processing disputes.
  • Support: The fourth and final step focuses on training and support. The InfoSystems team trains your IT team to ensure they are prepared to support the end-user transitions. We review and remediate any issues pertaining to your data and processes and provide ongoing education designed to steer the migration to a successful landing in your organization.

With InfoSystems, organizations of all sizes can migrate email clients confidently and efficiently. The end result is greater cross-performance and productivity among teams and contributes to your overall business goals.

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