Solutions For Retail

Retail organizations need to leverage the power of modern IT solutions and the latest innovations in digital technology to stand out in the market. InfoSystems can execute on optimal data management solutions and drive unique end-to-end customer experiences.

Where We Excel: Solutions For Retail

Like many industries, retail organizations face new challenges in the post-pandemic world, chief among them an increased digital demand from customers. While managing more data than ever before, how can retailers ensure personal customer data remains secure while balancing storage and security needs in a quickly transforming industry?

InfoSystems can execute on optimal data management solutions and drive unique end-to-end customer experiences for retail businesses.

Retailers are constantly managing customer data and payment information, as well as potential vulnerabilities in point-of-sale software. Companies have made headlines for data breaches, malware, and other cybersecurity threats that demonstrate the need for a leadership-driven, proactive approach to cybersecurity. InfoSystems brings experience with retail organizations of all sizes in managing the IT infrastructure, systems, and data demands unique to the retail industry.

Let InfoSystems build a plan to:

  • Take control of data and security. InfoSystems offers comprehensive Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions to aggregate and analyze enterprise data. SIEM solutions provide actionable intelligence for security professionals.
  • Understand vulnerabilities. With InfoSystems, retailers can examine and visualize a potential cybersecurity attack through the cybersecurity kill chain. This process evaluates weaknesses and enables a proactive approach to enterprise security.
  • Determine how your company will manage a data breach. With increasing amounts of sensitive customer data to protect, it’s crucial enterprise leaders form an incident response plan. Penetration testing is one tool for assessment. InfoSystems brings decades of experience in cybersecurity risk assessment and serves as a strategic partner in understanding the threat landscape.
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