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Compliance Assessments: Implementing Effective Cybersecurity and Security Risk Governance Practices 

Whether your business is small, medium, or a global enterprise, ignoring compliance assessments could cost your company big time. Without compliance assessments, you run the risk of missing major issues, you will be unclear on risk ownership, and you will be unable to realize the benefits of digital transformation.  

Data breaches and outages aren’t a matter of if, but when. You must have compliance standards in place in order to manage risk, avoid paying fines, and stay ahead of cybercriminals. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about what a compliance assessment is, the compliance assessments offered by InfoSystems Cyber, and the risks of not having a compliance assessment.  

What is a Compliance Assessment? 

A compliance plan often involves a team of people, a framework, and policies and procedures in order to meet various controls set by a regulatory authority, law, or industry group. A compliance plan is intended to protect a company’s data and keep security infrastructures secure. 

Depending on the industry, compliance regulations look different. For example, a medical practice’s compliance plan will look different than a company in the finance industry.  

With a compliance assessment, you can understand risk and determine acceptable levels, correct areas with elevated risk, enable effective risk controls, and have assurance that information risk is being managed appropriately.  

Compliance Assessments Look Different Depending on the Industry 

For different industries, risk varies. Financial institutions, for example, face greater challenges due to the shift to predominantly mobile banking. Factors like customer experience, risk management, and innovation leave no room for error. If a bank doesn’t have the compliance expertise required to keep customer information safe, the consequences can be disastrous.  

When it comes to healthcare, the challenges are similar. HIPAA adds an extra layer of complication, as electronic medical records and other digital systems increase the need for security and data protection. Healthcare organizations are responsible for meeting strict government standards for protected health information, and the complexities of those requirements are ever evolving. 

How InfoSystems’s Compliance Services and Training Help Manage and Control Risk 

Regardless of what industry, businesses need a compliance assessment to determine acceptable risk and correct gaps. 

With InfoSystems Cyber, you achieve three primary goals: 

➡️ Perform a gap analysis against a framework to determine what is acceptable risk. 

➡️ Conduct a risk assessment to correct and enable the best risk controls. 

➡️ Provide assurance to company executives and board members that information risk is being managed effectively. 

With different Compliance Assessments, including a Cybersecurity Best Practice Assessment, Security Risk Assessment, GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Cybersecurity Assessment, and Business Continuity Assessment & Plan Development, you can protect the future of your business.  

Feel Confident About Your Business with Compliance Assessments from InfoSystems Cyber 

Ignoring compliance assessments can cost your company money and result in a lack of clarity on risk ownership in your organization. A lack of clarity causes stress, confusion, and disruption. With InfoSystems, you get professionally managed, thorough, and actionable assessments that will help move your business forward. We won’t just check a box and move on; we’ll perform assessments so that leaders can respond quickly without having to worry about gaps.  

Start protecting the future of your business with Compliance Assessments from InfoSystems Cyber today. 

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