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Why You Need Managed IT Services: Help Executives Lead with Confidence, Keep Employees Productive, and Make Technology an Advantage 

Business equals “busy-ness.” Let’s say you run a successful small to medium-sized business. You have a lot on your plate when it comes to managing employees, running the day-to-day of the business, and making sure things like payroll, marketing, and customer service are running smoothly. That’s not to mention actual client or customer-facing work you are responsible for.  

Problems make things worse. Running a company requires focused priorities, and when there are problems to deal with in any one area, it means distraction and loss of focus on other areas.  

Technology causes problems. Let’s be honest, technology is one of the areas of business that can cause more problems and more distractions than almost anything else. 

Why is it so hard to avoid IT problems? 

Hiring top-level IT talent to manage your technology from top to bottom can be expensive, and if you’re a small to medium sized company, it can be unrealistic to build out an IT department with all the skills it takes to run things effectively.  

For very small businesses, the person in the office who can use Microsoft Word proficiently usually gets the title of “IT Person,” even if they don’t have actual IT experience. For larger SMBs, even if you do have an IT team, it might be hard for them to stay focused on big projects when they’re constantly dealing with little tasks or putting out fires. 

In this article, we’re going to dive into the benefits of utilizing a Managed IT Services Provider like InfoSystems. InfoSystems doesn’t want to replace your IT team, we want to be a tool for them. By taking advantage of our Managed IT Services program, you get IT strategies that follow industry best practices and the peace of mind that comes with technology that is managed and secured the right way. When you utilize a Managed IT Services program, you can lead with confidence knowing that your employees are productive, and your business technology is keeping you ahead of the competition.  

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?  

Using Managed IT Services, specifically from InfoSystems, can allow your IT team to do a few things: 

➡️ Identify areas of vulnerability in your business when it comes to data security. 

➡️ Establish important foundational IT structure within your company. 

➡️ If you have an existing IT department, Managed IT Services can eliminate the grunt work so they can focus on critical projects. 

➡️ If you don’t have an IT department, Managed IT Services from companies like InfoSystems can help you correct problems and identify potential infrastructure issues in your business. 

Secure your network. Every business needs basic IT security practices like firewalls, geo-blocking, and multi-factor authentication, but not every business knows that.  

Secure your data. When it comes to data, every business needs a backup and recovery process. It’s fine to store your information in the Cloud, but what happens if there is an outage? What happens if the network you use gets hacked? 

When you use Managed IT Services, our team comes in and walks you through the fundamentals of IT, like configuring firewalls, implementing backup software, and standardizing processes like multi-factor authentication to protect your data and your network. 

InfoSystems’s Managed IT Services provides your IT department with a tool to make technology more manageable and efficient. You deserve high-performing technology backed by a strong, local partner who cares. InfoSystems doesn’t want to take over your department, we want to be the tool that helps your business move forward. 

The Four Major Components of Managed IT Services 

When it comes to InfoSystems’s Managed IT Services, there are four major components that we can help with. 

End-user IT support – Helping employees stay productive  

When end-user IT support is managed by an outside partner, it frees up time for your internal IT team to focus on critical projects. You may hear IT support referred to as “IT help desk,” but InfoSystems Managed IT Services includes so much more. If you have a technology issue that needs to be solved, our Customer Support Operations Center, or CSOC, will investigate the issue for you. When it is resolved, they’ll put their remediation notes in the ticket and then close it out. At the end of the month, clients receive a report with their number of tickets, resolutions, and the engineer assigned to the ticket. If the same problem comes up again, they can easily access the problem and solution rather than going through the whole process multiple times.  

IT infrastructure support – Pushing your business forward  

Managed IT services from InfoSystems includes comprehensive IT infrastructure support – device inventory, tracking, and management, hardware and software patching and management, antivirus and anti-malware protection, and more. This also includes lifecycle support, so if you have hardware that has reached its recommended end-of-life date and needs to be replaced, we’ll let you know.  

With this service, you have an advantage over businesses who aren’t paying attention to practices like device inventory and tracking. This helps push your business forward when it comes to compliance and security best practices.  

End-point management – Small details that improve productivity 

Like infrastructure support but on a smaller scale, end-point management refers to individual PCs, printers, and other workstation-level technology. 

With an MSP, you don’t have to worry about the seemingly “small” technology issues like getting locked out of a laptop or forgetting a password. It might seem like a minor issue at first, but not having help with these issues can be frustrating and cause unnecessary obstacles in your workday.  

Foundational IT support – Peace of mind and confidence for business leaders 

Every business needs certain foundational IT structures. A few of these include antivirus software, spam filtering, firewall security, multifactor authentication, geo-blocking, and more. A lot of smaller businesses like law firms and medical practices don’t realize how vulnerable they are when these structures are not in place. InfoSystems can come in and provide the necessary components to secure vulnerabilities, giving business leaders the confidence to make bigger picture decisions in the company. 

InfoSystems Can Help Your Business Perform Better and Grow Faster with Managed IT Services 

InfoSystems’s Managed Services Program is built around industry best practices to help your business have a powerful advantage, no matter what industry you’re in. With quarterly assessments to make sure your technology is up-to-date, technical point of contacts checking to make sure your patching and software updates are done, and a customer success manager checking to make sure you’re satisfied with your services, you don’t have to worry about being paralyzed with technology issues.  

InfoSystems isn’t out to overtake your current IT employees, we want to be a strategic partner in making sure your technology is on solid ground, functioning in a way that creates tangible advantages for your business.  

Schedule an intro meeting today. 

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