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AI and Environmental Sustainability: Leveraging AI to Meet Sustainability Goals and Meet Regulatory Requirements with Tom Limanek from IBM

No matter what your personal feelings are about sustainability, it will become increasingly important for your company. In this article, we’re going to dive into Tom Limanek’s talk at the Artificial Intelligence Summit about how businesses can use AI in their sustainability efforts, as well as IBM’s approach to sustainability when it comes to strategy, reporting, and overall data collection. Additionally, Tom takes a look at how businesses can make themselves more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. 

How Can Artificial Intelligence Be Used for Sustainability Efforts? 

There are several use cases for AI in sustainability. A few of these include: 

♻️ Above ground biomass estimation 

♻️ Anomaly detection 

♻️ Scope 3 emissions estimation 

♻️ Work order intelligence 

With a proper sustainability strategy and roadmap, businesses can create a sustainability agenda towards delivering corporate social impact and business value. Additionally, with ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data, reporting, and risk management, there is a system of record for ESG data and insights to measure, report, operationalize, and achieve your sustainability roadmap. 

What Conversations Should Business Leaders be Having Surrounding AI and Sustainability? 

When it comes to sustainability and AI, business leaders should be focused on reporting and using data to improve company efforts. Business leaders should have a deep understanding of their carbon footprint, which can be determined using generative AI.  

InfoSystems and IBM can Help You Leverage AI for Sustainability Efforts 

Sustainability is a huge problem for most businesses. With InfoSystems and IBM, you can amplify your business value and make rapid progress in sustainability efforts by leveraging AI and creating a strategy to measure, report, operationalize, and achieve your sustainability goals.  

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