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Is AI Really a Threat? Prediction, Prevention, and Responses to Modern Threats Surrounding AI with Mark Moore from IBM

AI and security are double-edged swords. AI is a tremendous opportunity that can help automate the process of detecting threats and can help you stay on top of your cybersecurity needs, but it also presents its own unique set of risks. 

In this article, we’re going to dive into the conversations business leaders should be having surrounding AI and security, as well as why cybersecurity is a non-negotiable for businesses.  

How Can AI Technology Augment Security Operations and Contribute to Digital Labor? 

There are several ways AI can contribute to digital labor: 

Machine learning capabilities help identify patterns and take inventory of new assets and services, as well as refine the performance of AI models. 

Automation can help orchestrate time-intensive tasks, improve response times, and reduce the burden for human analysts. 

Reasoning capabilities help inform data analysis, enhance scenario modeling, and anticipate new attack vectors. 

Natural language processing can be used to mine text data sources, improve threat intelligence, and enrich knowledge resources. 

Why is AI a Double-Edged Sword? 

It’s no secret that generative AI poses a unique and significant risk for enterprise businesses. Some of these risks include: 

➡️ Attackers will target AI; it should be treated as a new attack surface. 

➡️ Prompt injection can drop defenses, resulting in generation of unwanted material. 

➡️ Malicious models can be uploaded to open repositories, with hidden behavior triggered long after they’ve been deployed. 

So, how can business leaders ensure that AI is being used effectively and strategically? It is crucial to ensure that an expert is taking the lead on any AI efforts when it comes to cybersecurity.  

Conversations Business Leaders Should be Having Surrounding AI and Security 

When it comes to AI and security, business leaders should be asking several questions. Where are potential threats coming from? How can your organization be more effective in detecting those threats? AI can help detect patterns that humans can’t and help automate the process of mitigating threats.  

IBM Provides a Security for AI Framework 

With IBM, business leaders can build trustworthy AI and use it to eliminate threats. In his talk at the Artificial Intelligence Summit, Mark Moore made it clear that with great promise comes great risk. 

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