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Special Episode: AI and Sustainability – Meeting Goals and Regulations with Tom Limanek from IBM



In today’s episode of Enterprise Tech Spotlight, we dive into the vital role of Artificial Intelligence in shaping sustainable practices within businesses, drawing inspiration from Tom Limanek’s enlightening talk at the Artificial Intelligence Summit in Nashville.

The Rising Importance of Sustainability in Business

Sustainability is of growing significance in the corporate landscape. Regardless of personal sentiments, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of integrating sustainable practices. In this episode, we unravel Tom Limanek’s insights on how AI can be a game-changer in these endeavors.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Be Used for Sustainability Efforts?

  • Above Ground Biomass Estimation: AI’s role in accurately estimating above-ground biomass, contributing to informed environmental management.
  • Anomaly Detection: Detecting anomalies through AI to ensure early identification and mitigation of environmental issues.
  • Scope 3 Emissions Estimation: Leveraging AI for precise estimation of Scope 3 emissions, a critical aspect of corporate sustainability.
  • Work Order Intelligence: Utilizing AI for intelligent work orders, streamlining processes and minimizing environmental impact.

Crafting a Sustainability Strategy with IBM

Explore IBM’s comprehensive approach to sustainability, covering strategy, reporting, and overall data collection. With a solid sustainability strategy and roadmap, businesses can align themselves with corporate social impact goals while delivering tangible business value.

What Conversations Should Business Leaders be Having Surrounding AI and Sustainability?

Business leaders play a pivotal role in advancing sustainability efforts. Key conversations should revolve around:

  • Reporting: How can businesses leverage AI to enhance reporting mechanisms and measure the impact of sustainability initiatives?
  • Data Utilization: The importance of using data, particularly generative AI, to gain deep insights into a company’s carbon footprint and overall sustainability performance.

Leveraging AI for Sustainable Progress with InfoSystems and IBM

Discover how InfoSystems and IBM join forces to help businesses amplify their impact on sustainability. By leveraging AI and creating a robust strategy, companies can accelerate progress in sustainability efforts, from measurement and reporting to operationalizing and achieving their goals.

Shaping a Sustainable Future with AI

As we conclude, it’s evident that the marriage of AI and sustainability is not just a technological advancement but a strategic imperative. Business leaders can lead the charge in making sustainable choices by embracing AI technology. To learn more about incorporating AI into your sustainability journey, schedule a conversation with InfoSystems and IBM.

Listen to the full podcast episode about Tom’s enlightening talk, and let’s shape a more sustainable tomorrow together.

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