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Special Episode: Will AI Replace Humans? How Automation Can Boost Business Performance with Alex Feinberg from IBM



  • Many associate AI with job displacement and fear, but Alex Feinberg sheds light on the positive aspects of AI during his talk. The conversation goes beyond the fear-mongering narrative to explore how AI can revolutionize work processes for the better.


  • AI can replace repetitive tasks, allowing knowledge workers to focus on more valuable, strategic work.
  • Digital labor aims to eliminate errors, handle overwhelming data, analyze complex problems, and provide faster, data-driven decision-making.
  • Using HR as an example, the discussion emphasizes identifying tasks that can be automated, freeing up specialists to focus on hiring and retaining talent.
  • Automation of tasks that don’t require specialized knowledge can enhance efficiency and effectiveness within HR and other business functions.
  • The process of implementing digital labor involves engaging orchestration through conversational AI to automate, manage, and optimize work.
  • AI orchestration receives requests, matches skills, and sequences tasks based on user intent and context.
  • Discovery and training involve building a skills catalog for applications and specific tasks, ensuring a continually expanding directory.

Next Steps:

  • Identify Automation Opportunities: Business leaders should identify tasks within their organizations that can be automated to enhance efficiency and refocus human efforts on strategic objectives.
  • Educate and Understand Goals: To implement digital labor effectively, businesses need to educate themselves on AI capabilities and clearly understand their goals and focus areas.
  • Schedule a conversation to explore how your business can harness the power of AI.

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