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How InfoSystems Can Provide Reliability and Scalability for Your Business with IBM Power Systems

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With 28 years of experience in selling IBM products and solutions, InfoSystems brings a wealth of knowledge across various industries. This extensive history, coupled with strong relationships with IBM, streamlines the process for clients, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.  

Meet the Experts 

Both Ben Lucas and John Von Mann bring a unique blend of technical expertise and sales experience to the table. 

Ben Lucas 

An Account Executive at InfoSystems, Ben specializes in customer relations and crafting solutions to enhance businesses. His journey includes a technical background in databases and application development, adding depth to his insights. 

John Von Mann 

With a career spanning over 20 years in the IT industry, John joined InfoSystems seven years ago as a Sales Engineer. His background as a former IT customer gives him a unique understanding of the challenges faced by clients. 

SAP HANA and InfoSystems 

InfoSystems is committed to shielding clients from the complexities of equipment procurement and implementation. This expertise means that clients can rely on InfoSystems to handle any hiccups and provide a seamless implementation experience. 

Flexible Procurement Models 

There are various procurement models available to organizations. While traditional capital purchases and leases remain viable options, there are newer models like consumption and usage-based models that offer greater flexibility. IBM’s solutions allow clients to pay for only what they use, enabling a cloud-like experience on-premises. 

Applications on IBM Power Systems 

IBM Power Systems have proven themselves in a wide range of applications, from analytics and AI to databases like Oracle and DB2, as well as backup and recovery. One of the standout applications is SAP HANA, which thrives on IBM Power Systems’ robust architecture. 

Moreover, these systems are versatile, supporting multiple operating systems, including IBMi, AIX, various flavors of Linux, Red Hat, and more. This versatility simplifies the process for clients, as they only need expertise in their chosen OS to operate SAP HANA effectively. 

Reliability and Scalability 

IBM Power Systems have earned a reputation for their outstanding reliability, consistently delivering five nines (99.999%) of uptime. This level of reliability means that clients can trust these systems for mission-critical operations, even in demanding environments. 

Scalability is another compelling feature. IBM Power Systems allow clients to expand their infrastructure both vertically and horizontally, providing flexibility and ease of management. Virtualization capabilities enable the addition of multiple production boxes on the same frame. 

Empowering Clients Through Critical and Powerful IT Solutions 

InfoSystems prides itself on its long history with IBM Power Solutions, coupled with a team of experts who are not only knowledgeable but also experienced. This ensures that InfoSystems can meet clients’ needs in critical areas, leveraging its core principle of expertise. 

InfoSystems can assist you with IBM Power Systems and SAP HANA solutions for your business.  

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