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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Data Backup and Recovery 

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When it comes to data storage and security, companies and organizations must implement effective measures and systems to safeguard digital assets.  

In this article, we’re going to recap our latest episode of Cyber Ops Unmasked, an InfoSystems Podcast where we unravel the complexities of cybersecurity for organizations and individuals.  

We are going to explore the world of backups, their significance in the face of advanced cyber threats, and how backups have matured as cyber threats have gotten more advanced.  

What are Data Backups and Recovery? 

Everyone knows that when it comes to technology, things happen. You might accidentally delete something, a server could crash, or you could lose a file. It happens. In those cases, you need a way to restore the system. However, for cybersecurity, backups can be pass/fail when it comes to how hard it’s going to be to recover from something like a ransomware attack or some other kind of cyber-attack.  

So, why do backups matter specifically for cybersecurity threats? 

It’s all about ensuring that you have data to recover. When the bad guys get into your system, they’re going to try and take out all of your data. You want to make sure you have a secure copy of your data. The only way you can come back from that is if you have a good, known backup.  

What Type of Backups are More Secure? 

The most secure type of backup is an immutable copy. Something that is write once, read only. In other words, it’s a copy of data that can’t be modified or deleted until it expires. It’s a locked-up copy of your data that no one, including you or an administrator, can touch.  

Immutable copies keep bad guys from encrypting that specific backup, even if they get into the environment or system.  

Another way to take your data backup security one step further is by using multi-factor authentication (MFA). 

What Would Negate Having a Good Backup? 

If you don’t test your backup, you don’t know that it works. Environments change all the time, so you can’t just set it and then forget about it. Make sure you’re testing your backups to make sure you’re getting all the application and relevant data that’s supposed to be there. 

InfoSystems Can Help Your Technology Move Your Business Forward 

So much of your company’s success is tied to the technology you use. Don’t risk letting the bad guys get into your systems and steal your data. In the latest episode of Cyber Ops Unmasked, Keith Hales and Robert Goodwin from InfoSystems discuss the importance of backing up your data, why immutable copies are important, and why having a robust backup strategy in a world with evolving cyber threats is absolutely critical.  

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