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2023 Cybersecurity Leadership Summit [RE]play

Cybersecurity Leadership Summit IBM Power Session

Live Session Video
from IBM Power and InfoSystems
featuring Dwaine Snow

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We’re living in the Quantum Era.
Do you know how to protect your systems?

In the IBM Power session of the Cybersecurity Leadership Summit, Dwaine Snow, Global Technical Leader at IBM Power, talked about the arrival of quantum computers and how business leaders can secure their IT infrastructure against cyber criminals.

Hackers are stealing data today to crack tomorrow, and it is likely that quantum computers will become available to both the good guys and the bad guys within 5-10 years.

For business leaders, this means protecting systems – not just data – should be a priority.

Watch this session to learn more about how to equip your business for the Quantum Era.

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IBM Power server technology delivers maximum performance and security for critical applications and workloads.

InfoSystems will help you evaluate, purchase, and implement IBM Power so that your environment meets the demands of your business.

IBM Power is known for its scalability and performance with the most demanding workloads, its superior virtualization and management features for flexibility, its security with better isolation and integrated stack, and its leading availability for 13 years running. This adds up to a TCO advantage that will positively impact your business outcomes. 

Security is architected into Power for all types of threats: traditional, new, and emerging. Data today has a lifespan, which means we have to make sure we can keep it safe during that lifespan. Speak with an IBM Power expert to discover solutions that will protect your business now, and into the future.

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