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The Role of Managed IT Services for Community Banks and Credit Unions 

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, community banks and credit unions must adhere to strict regulations while keeping up with the latest innovations. One way for senior IT leaders in this industry to stay focused on big picture strategy and higher-level operations is to outsource IT services to a managed services provider (MSP).  

MSPs can provide senior-level IT guidance for your business, bridging the business strategy gap between executive leadership and IT, can monitor your technology around the clock to identify issues before they cause problems, get quick help to fix tech issues, and more.  

In this article, we’ll explore the role of managed IT services for community banks and credit unions and specifically how InfoSystems can provide you with the senior-level IT guidance your business needs to thrive. 

Why Do Community Banks and Credit Unions Need a Managed Service Provider? 

 An MSP does more than just fix printers and get the wifi back up and running when it stops working (although an MSP can certainly help with those issues). Here are some ways an MSP can benefit the financial services industry: 

1 – Increased Cybersecurity Measures 

Cybersecurity is important for any industry, but for community banks and credit unions, it’s non-negotiable. Without effective cybersecurity measures, customers can’t have trust and confidence in their banking system. With most banking activity being done digitally, cybersecurity safeguards must be in place to keep private information safe. With InfoSystems Managed IT Services, financial institutions can get 24×7 network monitoring, device monitoring, alerting, patching, and protection.  

This means we can prevent surprise failures from issues that could have been avoided, detect suspicious activity and take action before a major incident has occurred, schedule software updates and avoid annoying interruptions and notifications, and track data storage levels, network traffic, and cloud/server usage to prevent wasteful spending. 

2 – Live Technical Support 

For community banks and credit unions, keeping systems up and running is critical. That means having direct access to a “help desk” when you have issues, and getting those issues fixed as quickly as possible. The quality and customer service of an MSP’s help desk say a lot about their ability to keep your business operations up and running. InfoSystems is known for having a quick, effective, and positive help desk experience.  

3 – Employee Training 

Cybersecurity and IT measures only work if everyone in the business is on the same page. This is especially true for community banks and credit unions. With InfoSystems, we use a security management program that will transform your business from vulnerable to secure and confident. With our MSP support, you can ensure that you have the necessary equipment to defend your network, prepare your team with custom training and simulated email phishing attacks, pinpoint and isolate suspicious activity before it becomes a major breach, and add and change security rules that will protect you against new threats. 

4 – Reduced Costs 

Hiring top-level IT talent to manage your technology from top to bottom is too expensive and unrealistic. We can help businesses keep their technology connected, updated, secured, backed up, and optimized. An MSP can help prevent costly incidents, provide risk management, and increase revenue from improved business operations.  

5 – Disaster Recovery and Prevention 

An MSP can provide robust disaster recovery and prevention solutions, helping businesses minimize the impact of unexpected events such as cyberattacks or hardware failures. These solutions typically include backup and recovery services, as well as contingency plans to ensure that critical systems and data can be restored quickly.  

InfoSystems Can Help You Create a Strong IT Foundation  

At InfoSystems, we understand that hiring top-level IT talent to manage your technology from top to bottom is too expensive and unrealistic. We help businesses keep their technology connected, updated, secured, backed up, and optimized.  

We have the team, the tools, and the processes to manage your technology around the clock. With strong IT leadership, you can experience technology optimized for performance, your executives can lead with confidence, and your business can grow without limitations. 

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