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InfoSystems Launches New Marketing Agency During Pandemic

8Bend Marketing is a Chattanooga-based company that launched at the end of 2019, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. InfoSystems and former Vice President of Marketing, Josh Davis, partnered to form the company and provide better marketing support for InfoSystems customers and the surrounding community. Since then, 8Bend Marketing has added eight full-time employees and worked with over 75 customers.

The idea for 8Bend Marketing was thought up by Davis and InfoSystems owner Clay Hales. 

“Once we agreed to the idea, the concept took off like a rocket ship,” Hales said. “Marketing has become even more valuable to companies as customer behavior has changed through the pandemic. 8Bend’s offerings are critical to most businesses, and we are proud to have this company as a part of the InfoSystems family.”

8Bend Marketing takes a unique approach to traditional services offered by marketing agencies, like website design, content creation, and digital ad management. Prior to kicking off a customer project or campaign, the team works with client leadership to develop an overall marketing strategy. From there, the team executes on projects and services which support that strategy. This approach allows 8Bend to develop long-term partnerships and drive results closely aligned with the client’s business goals.

“Focusing first on a client’s strategy and then execution of the strategy means that we do a better job with their marketing. As we engage in different projects, we know what success looks like and what our real goals are before we start, which, sadly, is not common in our industry,” said Davis. “Companies typically spend money on marketing and then six months later can’t identify what direct impact it had on their business. This happens over and over. I call it the ‘cycle of frustration’ with marketing. Our number one goal is to help companies break the cycle and end their frustration with marketing.”

8Bend Marketing began the year 2020 with Davis serving as the primary customer marketing strategist. The COVID-19 pandemic hit shortly after 8Bend took on their first customer, which led to uncertainty for the company, but despite this, 8Bend has experienced rapid growth. The 8Bend Marketing team now includes project managers, copywriters, designers, and digital marketing specialists.

About InfoSystems

For over 25 years, InfoSystems has provided reliable IT solutions to build and maintain strong and secure systems for both SMB and enterprise organizations. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, our trusted team of experts specialize in traditional infrastructure, IT optimization and cybersecurity services, as well as next gen solutions such as hybrid cloud and automation, from partners such as IBM, Red Hat, Dell Technologies, Microsoft and VMware.

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