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Planning for Supply Chain Security in a Post-SolarWinds Environment

While the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and shifting, one particular moment stands out from 2020 and 2021 that opened the door to new threats to supply chains. 

The malicious attack to the SolarWinds Orion network affected federal agencies, international companies, and many Fortune 500 companies. This targeted incident that impacted vital software, made waves in the cybersecurity community and will leave a lasting impact on supply chain cybersecurity issues for quite some time. Without trusted and secure vendor partners, the very core IT processes of a business are at risk. 

In order to adapt to this new threat landscape, CISOs must evaluate and consider more facets related to supply chain demands.

Uncover vulnerabilities. Supply chains have the potential to introduce security and compliance deficiencies to customers and partners up and down the chain. InfoSystems delivers strategic guidance and partners with leading service providers that have a proven record for meeting stringent security and compliance requirements. With security threats coming from all sides, sound and secure network and infrastructure design is more vital than ever.

Understand vendor risk. It’s crucial that companies create a vendor risk program to best evaluate potential areas of vulnerability through the third parties they engage with. A trusted IT service provider can guide business leaders on best practices for understanding and eliminating risk with third-party systems or vendors. 

InfoSystems’ comprehensive vendor risk assessment program enables leaders to carefully consider a vendor’s security hygiene. In addition to creating preliminary vendor assessments, InfoSystems partners with Vivo Security to quantify vendor risk through objective risk analytics based on empirical data. These data points can demonstrate what a company stands to lose in the event of a breach, as well as highlight a company’s risk profile. 

Build a proactive plan. Prepare for the worst — or rather, prepare for “when,” not “if,” an attack is going to happen. InfoSystems can also build reliable plans for your disaster recovery, when needed, as well as comprehensive incident response programs that address unique business requirements and industry-specific needs.

Educate, educate, educate. User awareness of threats and potential hacks can reduce risk. Simulated phishing and awareness training alerts employees to threats and empowers them to maintain a strong security posture. Similarly, through an incident response program, InfoSystems cyber experts guide clients through a simulated incident situation that can expose weaknesses in the company’s cyber armor. These tactics arm organizations with a greater awareness of threats which can go a long way in preventing system compromise.  

InfoSystems is poised to elevate a business’ security posture through a better understanding of supply chain risks. Contact us to get started today. 

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