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2022 Application Server Updates from IBM Power and InfoSystems: On-Premises vs. Cloud, IBM Power vs. x86 Architecture, and Application Driven Server Decisions

When it comes to things like on-premises storage, cloud storage, application server decisions over technology driven decisions, and different hardware security, best practices have shifted and changed with technology advancement and the demand for secure data storage. InfoSystems has partnered with IBM Power Systems due to its scalability with the most demanding workloads, as well as its superior virtualization and management features for flexibility.  

In this article, we’ll discuss how on-premises storage carries several different safety measures, how companies can increase their return-on-investment by using IBM Power over the x86 architecture, and how applications lead the discussion when it comes to server decisions.  

What is the benefit of using On-Premises Storage versus Cloud Storage?  

Cloud storage has its place and should be taken advantage of depending on a company’s needs and situation, but it has its limitations. With some Cloud storage providers, your data is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and there is often a fee to pull your data. Cloud storage might be cheaper in the short-term, but a lot of companies get into agreements that require them to pay millions of dollars to retrieve their own data.  

We saw the limitations that come with Cloud storage during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the first things that happened was the shutdown of schools nationwide and the increase in people working from home. Online learning became the new normal, with the number of homeschooling students increasing by more than 60% across at least 18 states, and between 2019 and 2021 the number of people working from home tripled. This is where we saw the boundaries of online education and a massive uptick in IT and infrastructure investment. Storage systems must be able to handle an influx like this or risk vulnerabilities like break-ins or system failure.  

While on-premises storage is safer than Cloud storage, it does require more IT support to manage those servers and button-down cyber security, but in the long-term, nothing beats having your own data center. Additionally, with InfoSystems, you get a partner who can help you safely move your data to the Cloud without becoming a victim of vendor lock-in. 

Performance ROI of IBM Power vs. X86. 

Applications dictate what the actual computing environment needs to be. For example, if an application was written for x86 architecture, it’s not going to work on IBM Power, so there’s no use in using IBM Power. However, if a program is written for IBM Power, there is a possibility it could be translated over to x86. 

In instances where IBM Power can be used, companies can see ROI over x86 in many ways. Where one company might be using one IBM power system with 8 cores, it could take a rack of Dell or Lenovo servers running 64 cores to give the same amount of performance. When it comes down to it, it’s about how much energy is being used. When you have fewer CPUs and cores that are delivering greater performance, you’re using far less power and conserving more energy. Immediate ROI comes with the ability to do more computation with less and have less requirements for energy resources. 

Application driven server decisions (rather than technology driven). 

In today’s technological environment, applications drive everything. Everything starts with an application first, even if a company uses SaaS (software as a service). Because of this, a lot of questions must be asked in order to decide what data storage solutions work best for a specific company. How are the applications running? What type of database platforms are being used? What environments will you get the most performance out of?  

With InfoSystems, our focus is on the application environment. This helps us determine what is required to maintain it and hold it up and whether it can work across multiple platforms. Like the example we used earlier with x86 and IBM Power, if a company has an on-premises IBM Power server, it is possible for it to be translated over to x86. However, if it is written for x86, it likely won’t work on Power.  

Security on a chip level vs. Software level. 

In the past, security was dealt with on a software level. Now, with the built-in hardware security of Power 10, security is dealt with on a chip level. Hackers no longer go after software applications; they go after the information on a chip. The scariest part? Cybercriminals can leave code on a chip that isn’t programmed to go off until a certain date, so that malicious code could sit in your programs for years without your knowledge. 

The security offerings from IBM Power detect and prevent any outside code from accessing hardware. If it is stopped, it can’t get to any software above chip level.  

IBM Power and IBM Storage Work Hand-in-Hand. 

IBM Power and IBM Storage were designed to work together. This doesn’t mean Power doesn’t work with other storage offerings, but if you buy both you get security on a chip level and native communication between platforms.  

InfoSystems and partners like IBM can help you achieve your business goals. 

We know business leaders want powerful technology and complete security, but there are an overwhelming number of technology vendors competing for your business and they can be relentless with their sales and promotion tactics. Dealing with technology vendors can be confusing, irritating, and stressful all at the same time. We’ve been in business since 1994 and have seen these problems growing in the IT industry for years. We understand how frustrating it is to deal with dozens of IT, cloud, and software vendors.  

This is why we’ve transformed InfoSystems from a “value added reseller” into an end-to-end technology partner. We focus on improving your business, not selling technology. We know our customers want a partner who is looking out for their best interests – a friend who has their back. So, when we work with you, we’ll get to know your business first and then deliver the premier IT consulting, equipment sales, implementations, support, management, and security services that focus on your business, not on sales quotas. We will help you avoid the stress of dealing with dozens of technology vendors, and instead get the powerful technology and specialized security you deserve.  

Ready to get started with InfoSystems and strategic partners like IBM Power?  

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