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Russia-Ukraine Conflict and Cyber Risks: An Update From InfoSystems

With the recent events unfolding in Ukraine, InfoSystems’ Cyber teams are closely monitoring an increase in Russia’s cyberattack activities. Russia is widely known to employ state-sponsored hacking, and recent statistics from our monitoring systems show a sharp increase in malicious traffic originating from Russia beginning a few days ago.

Recent statistics from our monitoring systems show a sharp increase in malicious traffic originating from Russia beginning a few days ago.

Tim Morton, Technical Director of Cyber Services at InfoSystems

Over the past several weeks, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) has released multiple alerts of new Russian cyberattacks stemming from the conflict in Ukraine with anticipated spillover across the Internet. “The InfoSystems cyber team will continue to monitor, scan, and update systems to counter these threats.” Says Fred Cobb, InfoSystems’ EVP of Services and CISO. “But, all of us play a key role in cybersecurity. Please be extra vigilant with unusual and unexpected emails. Email continues to deliver the overwhelming majority of malware and ransomware across the Internet.”

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Three (3) easy ways to stay vigilant:

  • Be wary of unusual attachments or links in emails.
  • Use extreme caution when entering username and password information in websites linked within an email.
  • Call individuals to confirm the validity of any unusual emails instead of replying to the email.

For business leaders, the risk of suffering a cyberattack cannot be overstated. The average cost of recovering from a cyber incident is nearly $2 million according to some reports.

If you are concerned your business may not be protected from cyber threats and wish to evaluate your company’s risk of cybersecurity breaches, consider a comprehensive Security Impact Review (SIR) from InfoSystems. During a SIR, InfoSystems performs an assessment of your network to highlight any potential gaps in security controls, policies, or procedures. In addition, InfoSystems offers an advanced intrusion prevention system (IPS) that can perform real-time geo-IP blocking of any Russian-sourced network traffic.

InfoSystems experts are standing by to discuss your cyber security needs and partner with you to deliver industry-leading cyber services and solutions. Reach out to our team today.

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