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IBM QRadar: Your Best Bet to Protect Against & Recover From Ransomware

Ransomware is a topic that comes up almost daily for our team. As countless new stories appear in media headlines about businesses being attacked, the topic of protecting our customers remains ever-present. 

And it’s not just large businesses that are at risk. SMBs are just as vulnerable, perhaps even more so as many fail to implement systems that mitigate evolving cybersecurity risk. Ransomware has typically been a problem that SMBs and enterprises have reacted to, rather than taking proactive measures to defend against it and design internal recovery strategies. 

InfoSystems is working to change that. We believe ransomware is something that every business should approach proactively, and IBM QRadar offers an ideal solution. As your trusted cybersecurity expert, InfoSystems is ready to help your business prepare for a ransomware attack before it happens.

What Is IBM Security™ QRadar®?

IBM Security™ QRadar® is your best offensive measure to prepare your systems, network, and your business to stand up against ransomware. IBM QRadar is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and threat management system that monitors and looks for signs that can indicate the start of a security attack, including logins from random IP addresses or activity that occurs outside of your traditional business hours. IBM QRadar is deployed either as hardware, software, or virtual machines for on-premises or distributed environments for ultimate flexibility.

IBM QRadar Lets You See Everything

IBM QRadar can detect patterns that indicate a malicious attack in preparation using several data sources, analysis tools, and other next-generation security techniques. For example, IBM QRadar uses access logs and correlates them with logs from network logs, server logs, network flow, packet data, and threat vector detection by using IBM Watson to alert you to any concerns. This is achieved using an open architecture that enables third-party interoperability — meaning non-IBM systems can be integrated to give you a top-level view of your network, regardless of vendor and whether you’re using an on-prem solution or a cloud-based application. 

QRadar includes 450 out-of-the-box integrations, APIs, and software development kits to help ingest data faster, gain actionable insights, and enhance the security of your existing systems. 

Gain Peace of Mind with a Proactive Plan

We know ransomware is a topic on everyone’s mind, but many teams are stretched for resources to plan against an attack. Even if you believe your network isn’t vulnerable to ransomware due to your use of SaaS applications or other network designs, consulting with our team of security experts to validate your ransomware defense planning may help you identify vulnerabilities or areas of opportunity. 

As an IBM Platinum Partner, InfoSystems experts are well-positioned to assess and strengthen your cybersecurity stack with IBM QRadar.

Ransomware is a problem that’s not going away, and unfortunately, should be seen not as an “if,” but as a “when.” Our cybersecurity experts have decades of experience in protecting businesses against ever-evolving threats. Contact us today for a consultation.

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