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The Quantum Era isn’t Coming; It’s Here: How to Secure Your IT Infrastructure Against Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Computers and Criminals. 

In the InfoSystems Cybersecurity Leadership Summit, Dwaine Snow, Global Technical Leader for IBM, shared valuable tips and information about quantum computing, encryption, ransomware attacks, and more.  

Quantum computers might not be available for individuals yet, but did you know that hackers are stealing data today to crack tomorrow?  

Keep reading to learn more about our key takeaways from this session.  

The Quantum era started a month ago. 

A couple months ago, Cleveland Clinic and IBM officially unveiled the first deployment of an onsite private sector IBM-managed quantum computer in the United States. This is the first one in the world dedicated to healthcare research.  

According to Dwaine Snow, there is a huge chance in the next 5-10 years that quantum computers will become available to individuals. This means good guys will get them, as well as the guys will ill intent. 

IBM Power Provides the Necessary Design, Architecture, and Integration for All Types of Threats. 

Whether a threat is traditional, new, or emerging, IBM Power Security provides the necessary design, architecture, and integration for all types of threats: traditional, new, and emerging: 

  • Processor 
  • Firmware 
  • Hypervisors 
  • Management 
  • Network 
  • Operating systems  
  • Containers 

…and more. 

Keep Your Data Safe with IBM Power. 

Dwaine Snow’s session was a real eye opener when it comes to the quantum era and what steps we need to take to prepare our organizations.  

The quantum era isn’t coming, it’s here.  

Request the replay of Dwaine’s session here.

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